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Learn how to find new furniture, after water damage for a much lower cost with these methods.

24 Thrifty Ways to Replace Furniture After Water Damage

Extensive water can wreak havoc in a home, damaging furniture and personal belongings. Since our team has helped many families and businesses with water damage restoration, we know that replacing waterlogged furniture can be a burden. To help return your home or business to normal, we’ve created a list of places in Fort Collins, CO and Albuquerque, NM to purchase new furniture without draining wallets.

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Inspiring Basement Remodeling Ideas After Water Damage

Although discovering a water-damaged basement can be stressful, it’s a great opportunity to remodel your space once the water removal and cleanup is finished. Over the years, we’ve been able to help with hundreds of water damage restoration and remodeling projects for home and business owners. Below, we compiled a list of tips for safely handling water damage, along with inspiring basement remodeling ideas once the water is removed.

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How to Reduce Mold Risk in Schools and Office Buildings

Keep Schools & Offices Safe: How to Prevent & Notice Mold

Moisture issues in schools and office buildings can be cause for alarm—often contributing to respiratory problems and unwanted mold growth. Whether from window and roof leaks, high indoor humidity, or flooding, moisture needs to be controlled to maintain a safe environment. To keep these buildings safe, we’re sharing common causes for excessive moisture, preventative steps to decrease the chance of mold, and what to look for on routine maintenance checks.

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