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Wood flooring is buckling and damaged from water damage

How to Protect Wood Floors from Water Damage

It goes without saying hardwood flooring is timeless. Whether it lines the floors of an urban loft or a classic New England colonial, we never tire of the charm it adds. But with any flooring comes maintenance to prevent issues as time goes on. With wood flooring, its number one rival is moisture. And with moisture having so many possible sources, knowing your hardwood flooring is the first place to start protecting it from water damage.

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Water surrounding a sink drain with possible backup

Drains and Clogging in the Winter

Surprises are usually fun. Someone folded the laundry at home and put it away on the same day. Having a stranger pay it forward by paying for your coffee ahead of you. Then there are the surprises such as having a house full of guests and finding a drain in your home won’t, well, drain. Though clogged pipes and drains are generally few and far between, they still happen. In this blog, we discuss the whys, hows, and what to do if you find yourself with a clogged drain.

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Shaking hands to reach a deal in first time home buying

10 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

What goes through your mind when you hear “first time homebuyer?” Does it conjure up ideas of a wide open kitchen with vaulted ceilings in the dining and living areas? Or does the phrase leave you lamenting how you’re the only one of your friends not on the house hunt at the moment? Whatever first time homebuyer brings to mind, chances are it is something different than everyone around you.

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Water Heaters are great commodities, but can also cause water damage issues when they fail.

Water Heaters 101

Water heaters are that one appliance in your home, apartment, or business you don’t think about until a relaxing hot bath becomes an ice bath. It usually plugs along in the basement or a closet, bringing fresh hot water to every occupant without second thought. But what really is a water heater?

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