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Pipe bursting with water coming out in various places

What Constitutes a Water Damage Emergency

The word emergency carries a standard definition, yet it varies depending on who you ask. An overflowed toilet may constitute an emergency in one household, while the neighbor down the street may not become concerned until water is standing in the basement family room. Regardless of how you define a water emergency, water inside your home works in stealth mode and can quickly leave behind a trail of damage.

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Septic Tank has problems and is overflowing above ground

How To Avoid Common Septic Tank Problems

Out of sight, out of mind is quite applicable to the septic system supporting your home. Whether you’ve owned the home 20 years or are renting for the first time, the septic tank is there day in and day out. But these systems age as everything does and with time and usage, septic tanks creep into the forefront of any homeowner or renter’s mind when there is an issue.

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Ceiling inside home has water damage and is sinking in

10 Warning Signs Your Roof Is Damaged

The roof of your home is something you may not even realize is there most days, as it’s easy to nearly overlook. Built to sustain wind, rain, sun and up to a quarter century’s worth of exposure, a roof is like an old vehicle you’ve had several memorable adventures with through time. But like that vehicle, the roof will start to give you signs that all is not well and it needs some TLC.

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Commercial Water Damage with broken pipe and exposed wall

How To Handle Water Damage at Your Business

Water damage in your home is stressful, but water damage at your business can amplify that stress. Daily operations are put on hold and employees may be displaced and wondering when they’ll get back to work. Then there is your building itself and how much damage it suffered, leaving you as the owner wondering where to start. We take a look at the common ways water damage occurs in businesses, what to do, and how to stay safe in this situation.

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Flood and Homeowners Insurance Claims Assistance provided by Water Extraction Experts

Top 5 Real Estate Investing Tips for Property Owners

Large or small, DIY projects are marketed toward the weekend warrior and professionals alike. For a number of people though, flipping a home or investing in real estate is the ultimate DIY project. From the ground up, they can decide what this property will look like, and on their time frame. With the explosion of property flips in the United States, the trend can be lucrative. It can also end in frustration and thousands of dollars poured into an unmovable property. We take a look at the top questions anyone consider flipping a property need to look into before getting started.

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Water Extraction Experts team provides water damage restoration and mold removal services

Building Relationships with Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents

When you work in water remediation like we do, every day is different. From the job site to the approach needed to find a solution to a home with water damage, mundane rarely comes into our vocabulary. And while we receive the majority of our calls from homeowners, we also appreciate the relationships we have with real estate agents, insurance agents, and home inspectors. People in these roles are often working behind the scenes, with the same goal as us – to get you and your home back to normal. Our relationship with them is very important to us, and we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how we work with them on a near daily basis.

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Vapor barrier installation work in crawl space by Water Extraction Experts

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier and Moisture Intrusion Prevention

What is a Vapor Barrier?

A vapor barrier reduces the rate at which water vapor, such as humidity, can move through a material. The name eludes to how the material slows the movement of water vapor, and not completely halting the process. Vapor barrier implied the material would stop movement of the moisture hence the recent name change. The installation of a vapor barrier occurs during the crawl space encapsulation process. Encapsulation encloses and seals the space to prevent moisture from reoccuring inside the crawl space.

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Homeowner is being proactive by tightening waterline with a wrench

7 Tips to Be Proactive Before a Home or Business Disaster

According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, nearly one in four businesses never reopen after a disaster. The reasons why vary and are wide ranging. But having a plan can be the difference between continuing on and shutting shop following a disaster. And for our homes, being proactive and having a thought out plan can mean everyone comes out of a disaster situation with minimal stress and toll.

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Water Extraction Experts provides mold inspection and crawl space cleanup

Crawl Space Water Damage Under Your Home

Crawl Space Water Damage

Out of sight, out of mind can apply to a myriad of things in life, including crawl space water damage under your home. Well, that is until a heavy rain floods the space or you begin to notice a dank smell emanating into the family room on a regular basis. Whatever may be causing the problem at the time, your crawl space likely had not crossed your mind before.

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