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Flood and Homeowners Insurance Claims Assistance provided by Water Extraction Experts

Dealing with Water Damage Insurance Claims

What is an Insurance Claim?

Water damage insurance claims are the most frequent type of insurance loss reported to homeowners insurance companies. When you file an insurance claim, you are making a formal request, to your insurance company, asking for a payment based on the terms of your policy. These claims are then reviewed by your insurance company for validity and then paid out to you (the insured), or a requesting party, once approved.

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Expanding services to Southern Wyoming and Albuquerque, New Mexico Water Extraction Experts team standing proud

Water Extraction Experts Expands Service Areas

A Water Damage Services Company

Water Extraction Experts, a water damage restoration company, started in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2012. Led by Doug Adlesperger, the company has now grown to a team of five professional, well-trained staff that are ready and willing to help anyone at a moment’s notice. Having worked as a manager in retail for many years, Doug’s vision and experience in customer service and management, has helped his company achieve a level of service and workmanship that is beyond expectations.

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How to Stay Safe Around Water Damage Emergencies Blog Post Water Extraction Experts

How to Stay Safe Around Water Damage Emergencies

Water damage can strike at any time, and often without warning. From weather, to appliance malfunctions, to bathroom fixtures, there are numerous ways you can find your home threatened by unwanted water. Once the water has found its way in, it’s important to know the cleanliness of the water you’re dealing with. Below we’ll discuss the different ways damage tends to occur, and review water hazard categories to stay safe around water damage emergencies.

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