Water Extraction Experts team provides water damage restoration and mold removal services

Building Relationships with Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents

When you work in water remediation like we do, every day is different. From the job site to the approach needed to find a solution to a home with water damage, mundane rarely comes into our vocabulary. And while we receive the majority of our calls from homeowners, we also appreciate the relationships we have with real estate agents, insurance agents, and home inspectors. People in these roles are often working behind the scenes, with the same goal as us – to get you and your home back to normal. Our relationship with them is very important to us, and we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how we work with them on a near daily basis.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have a busy job when they aren’t working with a prospective home buyer in closing a sale. The list of what could bring a sale to a halt is long, but water damage is a very common reason. Once the damage is found, we are called to come and see what can be done.

For the real estate agent, working with a water damage remediation company like Water Extraction Experts provides them with comprehensive documentation which shows the restoration work was performed to the proper standard of care. The documentation outlines the property is being restored to its pre-loss condition. This threshold for restoration is often required to be met if a property is to keep its long term property value.

Another facet of our relationship with real estate agents is to help them and you, the homebuyer, through on-going education of mold and its related health issues. While much has been written about mold, and rightfully so, it is possible to continue living in a home with mold as long as the moisture source is found and resolved properly.

Our 24/7 service allows for getting the pending property back on track as quickly as possible, to keep any purchase agreements on track for closing.

Insurance Agents

When we work on a job gained through an insurance agent, our role has two parts. First, we work for you, the homeowner, knowing you wish to get as much money from your insurance claim as possible. Our role is a liaison between you and the insurance agent who recommended us to be responsible for the safe and sound remediation of your home.

Our work through the years has resulted in many lasting and positive relationships with insurance companies. We know filing a claim can be a tense process, from contacting your insurance company, explaining the situation, then waiting on a formal response. From knowing the terminology used for claims to how the filing process for a claim works, we have insight into the best ways to expedite the process. Whether it’s water damage or mold, we work with insurance agents and adjusters alike to make sure your insurance claim is resolved in a sufficient, timely, and effective manner.

Home Inspectors

Any inspector you hire should be certified and able to provide a comprehensive water damage inspection, including the extent of mold issues in the home. If any sign of mold is found in the home during the inspection, the inspector is required to report this to the county office. Any sale of the home will be put on hold until a mold remediation company such as Water Extraction Experts removes all mold from the property. We then provide documentation to the county proving that the mold issue was taken care of and the home inspector can then reinspect the home.


Water Extraction Experts provides mold inspection and crawl space cleanup


Cost Effective

After an inspection, we will recommend several options to approach the water mitigation and remediation process. We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to homes and homeowners, instead approaching each job as a blank page.

Time Effective

Time is of the essence when handling water damage. The longer moisture lingers in the home, regardless of location, the longer mold and mildew have to begin causing further damage and potential health issues. Equipment, procedures, and techniques used in water remediation have advanced to now blending cost and time effectiveness into the remediation process for your home. The repair costs and drying times are greatly reduced, therefore getting you back into your home and back to normal life in less time and with a reduced repair cost.

Let’s Build A Relationship

If you are a real estate agent or a home inspector, we would love to build a relationship with you. Our goal is to help you and your clients get through the purchasing and selling of property so that both parties can move forward with a safe and healthy business or home. Our company treats everyone and their belongings with the utmost care and respect. Contact us today to get a free consultation.