Commercial Business Restoration in Albuquerque, NM

While commercial businesses can experience large-scale water damage, our team has the expertise and knowledge to properly remove water and restore these properties. Since extensive water damage may affect business or operating hours, we understand the importance of a rapid repair. Our 24/7 emergency services are available, no matter the amount of damage or the time of day.

Commercial Water Damage

To restore your commercial property, we use specialized equipment and water removal techniques. Our team is trained to utilize the most effective methods when removing water from any size of business. We approach every commercial restoration project with years of experience, proven solutions, and respect for your business.

Business water damage in Albuquerque NM

Broken Pipe Emergency

A broken pipe can spell disaster for a business, depending on the category of water and extent of the damage. As soon as you find the busted pipe, give us a call. Our team has a one hour or less response time, day or night—and the water damage assessment usually takes less than one hour.

Once we understand the amount of damage, we’ll create an action plan and begin working to remove the water and damaged materials. Whether the water damage in your commercial business was caused by category 1 (white water) or category 3 (dark water), we’re ready to tackle the issue.

With all water pipe emergencies, it’s important to respond quickly to any commercial water damage. The longer you wait to fix the issue, the likelihood of extensive damage and mold growth increases.

While broken pipes are very common sources of water damage in commercial areas, we’ve also seen leaky plumbing, heavy snow, and flooding cause a significant amount of damage. Make sure to perform routine maintenance checks and pipe inspections to ensure your equipment is in good working condition.

Hotel Water Damage

As experienced service industry professionals, we understand the chaos that comes with a hotel water damage situation. Our 24/7 emergency service and team of water damage restoration experts respond within the hour to return your hotel to its daily routine as quickly as possible.

Restoring hotel water damage begins by removing any standing water from the affected area. Then, using specialized drying equipment, we remove humidity and any lingering moisture before the remediation process begins.

Hotel Mold Removal

To keep hotel customers safe, our team also performs mold removals and inspections. During your free hotel mold assessment, we’ll determine the type and extent of mold growth. If water damage has just occurred, we’ll check moisture levels and see if mold is present. If we discover mold, we’ll advise on a removal process and can begin mitigating the mold immediately. Below, we show our simplified process for removing mold from a hotel.

  • Check areas of potential water entrance.
  • Find and contain the water source to prevent a recurring mold problem.
  • Test mold samples and obtain a report detailing spore levels and types.
  • Use specialized treatments to remove mold and repair damage.
  • Return your hotel to normal operations.

Moisture and Humidity Problems

No matter the climate, your hotel can be at risk for mold due to varying temperature, moisture, and humidity levels. Due to guests changing room temperatures, heavy traffic in and out of rooms, indoor pools, steam rooms, pets, and number of bathrooms, hotels are highly susceptible to mold growth.

While routine maintenance is one way to control and check for mold, there can be underlying issues causing moisture and humidity problems. If your hotel’s humidity often fluctuates or the building lacks proper air flow, mold can grow in a number of places. To help keep your hotel in check, we offer free building assessments and utilize specialized drying equipment to remove excessive humidity.

Beginning Your Commercial Business Restoration

After you discover water damage or mold, give us a call for immediate help. Our team of commercial restoration experts is prepared to work with your schedule to repair your business as rapidly as possible. From extreme water damage to small leaks, we treat every job with the same urgency and quality of work.

Water Extraction Experts services Albuquerque and surrounding areas with fast 24/7 emergency water damage restoration.

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