Crawl Space Cleanup in Laramie, WY

When was the last time you were inside your home’s crawl space or thought about the area? Was it when you either built or purchased the home, or when you were on the hunt for the source of the musty odor and condensation in a living space? For many homeowners in the Laramie, WY area, we at Water Extraction Experts know it was probably a blend of the two. Crawl spaces are often out of mind as they function out of sight in the home, that is until there is an issue. Whether flooding or mold contamination, Water Extraction Experts is prepared to get the cleanup started immediately and return your home to normal.

Crawl Space Types in Laramie

Access to the pipes and utilities under your home generally won’t cross your mind until there’s an issue that requires immediate attention. In that case, a crawl space would provide the access without having to remove the flooring and other structural parts of your home to reach the pipes. While most homeowners, when purchasing or building, initially consider a full basement or slab foundation, geographic location plays a large role in going with that or a crawl space.

Common Moisture Problems and Mold in Laramie

Noticing musty odors and higher than usual humidity in living areas are common signs of moisture problems elsewhere in the home. Multiple sources can be to blame for moisture entering a crawl space, such as surface water flooding, gutters, downspouts, cracks in the walls or foundation, and more. Taking the time to completely finish the crawl space, ideally with concrete, will greatly lower the risk of moisture and mold problems. While gravel or vapor barriers are another finishing option, they aren’t as sturdy of a barrier to tunneling animals or energy efficiency as concrete.

Crawl Space Flooding

Any kind of flooding inside your home can cause numerous headaches and issues, structural and otherwise, but crawl space flooding is a special case. While you may not be thinking of selling your home at this moment, the resale value will drop drastically if any crawl space flooding isn’t properly addressed.

However, even if you are the handyman or woman type with most projects around the house, attempting to clean up the crawl space yourself isn’t recommended. Pipe and/or HVAC duct insulation, damaged or not, may contain asbestos and now be floating through the air or on the ground. Mold contamination, animal droppings, and sewage spills increase the health risks to you or yourself.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

A vapor barrier is a multi-faceted layer of protection for your home. Coming in one of three classes, divided by the permeability of the material used, vapor barriers are installed during the encapsulation process of a crawl space. This process seals off the crawl space to prevent moisture from re-forming and causing moisture and mold issues. Once in place, the vapor barrier deters mold and mildew from forming, protecting the health of anyone living in the home along with preventing subfloors and other wood from warping or rotting. Temperature and humidity levels will also stabilize in the crawl space, adding protection for pipes during winter months in colder climates.

Call the Professionals

We know your home is unique, and a one-size fits all approach won’t work when it comes to finding a solution to the crawl space situation. Any solution we work with you to develop will address and end moisture and/or mold issues. The restoration process begins by finding the source of water entrance into the crawl space and culminates with encapsulation of the space along with using an anti-microbial spray to prevent more mold growth.

Day or night, Water Extraction Experts is ready to help you get your home back to normal and give you back your peace of mind.

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