Flooded Basements

Discovering a flooded basement is always stressful, but with our team of professionals, the cleanup and restoration doesn’t have to be. Available 24/7, our emergency response team arrives within the hour to assess your basement damage and begin the water removal process.

24/7 Water Emergency Service

With bases in Fort Collins, CO and Albuquerque, NM, we respond to emergency calls in the areas surrounding both cities, as well as:
• Greeley, CO
• Loveland, CO
• Cheyenne, WY
• Laramie, WY

If you’re experiencing a water emergency, call us no matter the time or day. We understand how draining water damage can be. Which is why we offer a free water damage and mold assessment, and help with insurance claims assistance.

Basement Flooding and water removal by Water Extraction Experts

Reducing Basement Water Damage

Between seasonal rain storms, flash floods, and broken appliances, basement flooding is a common occurrence. No matter the cause, water damage can ruin your personal belongings within minutes.

To decrease and reverse the damage caused by basement flooding, it’s important to contact our team of water extraction experts as soon as you discover the water. Our team arrives swiftly, and oftentimes we can help salvage treasured items, stop further damage, and save you the headache of costly repairs or mold removal.

Tip: If your basement has been flooded for over 48 hours, contact our Fort Collins team immediately as the risk of mold is incredibly high.

Water Extraction Process

To remove all water and moisture from your flooded basement, we use specialty equipment and industrial-strength drying fans. Depending on the severity of your water damage, the water extraction process usually takes a few hours.

However, we also want to make sure all moisture is removed from your floor, framing, and walls to prevent mold growth. The entire structural drying process takes an average of two to four days, but it is an essential step to reduce damage and health risks down the line.

The sooner we can get the structural drying process started, the less likely the structural integrity of your home will be compromised. We begin the damage assessment as soon as we arrive, creating a custom flood cleanup plan for your home. Our team is trained and certified in the latest techniques and technology used for every step of the water damage restoration process.

Flooded Basement water removal

Broken Water Heater Flooding

Water heaters are one of the most common causes of basement floods. Whether caused by sediment build-up or a blocked valve, flooding often happens in a sudden rush. If a pipe has been leaking for several days or weeks, this will cause slight damage. But a valve burst is typically what causes extensive flooding.

If your water heater is on an upper floor and a leak occurs, water can flood down through your ceiling—causing a dangerous collapse. For basement water heaters, a leak or burst valve will flood the room in a matter of minutes.

Whatever the cause or area affected, we react swiftly to water heater flooding to minimize your risk of explosion and damage. As we work to extract water, we can call upon our network of professionals in Fort Collins to repair or replace your water heater.

Busted Water Heater

As mentioned above, water heater bursts can be incredibly damaging. When you experience a busted water heater issue, it’s important to put yours and your family’s safety first. If your basement has excessive standing water, let us take the risk and remove the water before working on repairs. For many basement flooding projects, there is danger of electrocution, contaminated water, and floating debris. Our team at Water Extraction Experts has the gear and equipment to safely handle the situation.

Mythbusters – Water Heater Explosion courtesy of Discovery.

Busted Pipes

Pipe bursts in basements are a common cause of water damage, especially during the winter months. While busted pipes are easier to notice, small pipe leaks can cause extensive damage over days and weeks before being noticed. If you see a water spot or part of your ceiling collapses, call our Fort Collins team for a free assessment. Not only will we stop the leak and help repair the damage, we’ll check for mold and make sure all moisture is removed.

Sewer Backup

No home or property owners enjoys dealing with water damage from a sewer backup. Since this water can be contaminated, it’s even more difficult to cleanup than white or gray water. Our team has years of experience with large-scale sewer backups, and we work rapidly to remove all water and disinfect affected areas. Sewer backup flooding usually requires more extensive repairs because of the water classification, and we can assist you in coordinating painters, drywallers, flooring experts, and more to restore your home.

Call Today For Basement Flooding Help

If you’ve discovered water in your basement, give us a call. Our emergency response team is prepared to help restore your home to normal as quickly as possible.

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