Inspiring Basement Remodeling Ideas After Water Damage

Although discovering a water-damaged basement can be stressful, it’s a great opportunity to remodel your space once the water removal and cleanup is finished. Over the years, we’ve been able to help with hundreds of water damage restoration and remodeling projects for home and business owners. Below, we compiled a list of tips for safely handling water damage, along with inspiring basement remodeling ideas once the water is removed.

Restoring a Basement After Water Damage

Before you can begin remodeling a flooded basement, there are several things to keep in mind. All standing water and moisture needs to be removed from the flooring, walls, and structural framing. To help you prepare for basement remodeling, our team will:

  • Find and repair the water damage source
  • Remove all water-damaged materials and standing water
  • Use specialist equipment to dry out flooring and framing
  • Test for mold growth
  • Add a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into walls
  • Restore areas that won’t be affected by basement remodeling
  • Bring in the most-trusted contractors in the area
  • Work with you to submit insurance claims

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Once all water removal and repairs are complete, it’s time to decide how you want to restore your basement. Whether you choose to perform basic restoration or a full-blown remodel, you can count on our team to see the job through with help from our extensive professional network. If you’re planning to remodel, look through the basements below for inspiration. This is a great opportunity to turn a waterlogged room into an entertainment space, office, or extra bedrooms.

Create a Comfortable Sitting Space

The Indiana couple responsible for this basement renovation credited their success to a lot of hard work and smart purchases. They were able to turn a bare-bones space into a clean, inviting room.

Images via This Old House

Build a Bedroom and Bathroom

This waterlogged basement had rotting stairs and a recurring flooding problem caused by gutter issues. To fix the water damage issues, this homeowner dug down 18 inches and installed a footing drain system that would redirect future water. He also added additional heating, cooling, and plumbing systems to support the additional bedroom and bathroom.

Images via HouseLogic

Make a Safe Space for Family

After discovering mold and termites in the basement, this family had to undergo mold remediation to make it a functional, safe room. Once the flooring, paneling, and mold was removed, they transformed the basement into a comfortable family recreation room with plenty of storage.

Images via This Old House

Remove Walls for an Open Layout

If you often have guests in town, turn your water-damaged basement into an extra bedroom, bathroom, and sitting area. This particular basement needed to be gutted before restoration could begin, but the final result is an enjoyable room that doesn’t reflect any previous signs of water damage.

Images via This Old House

Declutter for An Organized, Open Basement

We’re all guilty of solely using basements for storage, but when extensive water damage occurs, it forces families to get rid of many items they no longer use or need. In this basement remodel, there were a lot of unorganized items on the floor that could have been ruined by water. Now, the restored basement has more structure and less clutter.

Images via HGTV

Remove Moldy Flooring and Walls

Spending time in this basement before the remodel was unsafe due to mold on the walls and carpeting. The homeowners wanted to turn it into a space for entertaining guests, so it was gutted and cleaned before restoration began. The final result is a safe, healthy basement for the family to relax without worry of hazardous mold or water damage.

Images via DIY Network

Help with Basement Water Damage Restoration

If you’ve discovered water damage in your basement, let us help you get ready for a beautiful remodel. We’ll remove any water and moisture, repair damage, check for mold, and prepare you for basement remodeling.

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