Featured Testimonial

“A few days ago, we sold the house we lived in for the past 33 years. Our home buyer was hyper concerned about the presence of black mold because the health of one of the family members has been affected by mold in the past. The buyer ordered sampling in ten different areas of our home. To our shock and amazement, eight of the samples showed mold at slightly elevated levels. We were previously unaware of any such issues. The buyer demanded that the mold be completely eliminated prior to sale closing. To address this concern, we obtained bids from two remediation companies. Both seemed quite competent but we were particularly impressed with Matt Adlesperger, the lead representative of Water Extraction Experts. He inspired our confidence with his knowledge, manner, excellent communication skills and sincerity, so we chose Water Extraction Experts over the competitor. Salesmanship and actual performance delivery are often two very different things. We were totally unfamiliar with mold remediation and did not know what to expect.

Matt and his crew of four to five other workers more than fulfilled every expectation we had. We awarded them the work on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. They began their work following the four day holiday weekend, on July 5, 2017. They worked nonstop, including the weekend, until completion and mold post testing on July 14, 2017. They were knowledgeable, were incredibly thorough and diligent, worked long days to meet the tight timeline we requested, did everything possible to minimize invasive damage to our house, coordinated post remediation mold testing done by an independent firm, performed substantial needed work in excess of what they proposed, and restored everything to its original condition, or better. The work site was always orderly and neatly kept. Our final bill was very close to the original estimate, differing only for scope changes we requested and agreed to in advance. Best of all, the house passed post remediation testing with flying colors.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Matt Adlesperger and Water Extraction Experts to anyone unfortunate enough to require their services. ”

– Ray Ziler

“I agree with everything my husband said and I would like to add that I was so taken with the way Matt communicates. It is quite paradoxical. He is very confident which could come across in an arrogant way. But he is also very humble. This combination is so unusual and great! Really soothed our nerves!”

-Catherine Ziler