Water Damage Restoration in Fort Collins, CO

Water Damage Assessment Process

With a “one hour or less” response time after you call in the Fort Collins, CO area, our team will begin the assessment process. Our goal is to quickly determine the source and extent of the water damage in the home to begin repairing and restoring the affected areas. Broken pipes, overflowing washing machines, leaky plumbing, heavy snow and flooding can all cause different levels of water damage to your home.

Assessments generally take less than an hour, depending on the amount of water damage. We work directly with insurance companies, whether it be a homeowner’s or flood insurance claim. Using the same damage estimation software as the insurance companies, we streamline the costs and bill the insurance company.

Water damage found during the assessment process is classified in three categories.

Category 1 – Clean Water

This water doesn’t pose a significant health threat to anyone in the home. Clean water often comes from tub or sink overflows and broken water supply lines.

Category 2 – Grey Water

A significant number of chemical, physical, or biological contaminants can be found in this water. If ingested or exposed to, grey water can cause sickness or discomfort to humans. Toilet bowls with unflushed sewage, sump pump failures and water discharge from washing machines or dishwashers are common causes.

Category 3 – Black Water

Bacteria and fungi that cause intense discomfort and sickness when ingested or exposed to highlight black water. Water sources that have been contaminated such as sewage, seawater, flood waters or grey water that has been allowed to stagnate all fall in this category.

If you are aware of or have come across any safety issues related to the water damage, please let us know. We will share any safety concerns we have or come across during the assessment.

Water Damage Restoration Process in Fort Collins, CO

Restoration is the final step in the remediation process. Depending on the level of water damage your home suffered, it could be a minor replacement of drywall, new floors being laid or more extensive work may be needed.

Water extraction and drying is the first step of restoration. Our truck-mounted systems and specialized pumps will remove any standing water during the water extraction process. After the standing water has been removed from your home, we insure the removal of humidity as well with our specialized equipment that speeds up the home drying process.

The amount of water damage to your home determines what equipment we need to use and how fast the house needs to be structurally dried.

Class 1 – Slow Evaporation
Water only affected a portion of a room or area. Materials and property absorbed a minimum amount of moisture.

Class 2 – Fast Evaporation
Water affected the entire room or area, including carpet, furniture and up to two feet from ground level of the walls.

Class 3 – Fastest Evaporation
Everything below the ceiling and including the ceiling is affected by water.

Class 4 – Specialty Drying
Hardwood floors, concrete, crawl spaces, plaster and other materials with a low porosity have been affected by water. A very low specific humidity is required for drying.

Another inspection is done once the home and personal property is dry. This inspection determines whether additional structural repairs, sanitation or deodorization is necessary. Odors fade naturally as everything dries, but occasionally specialized equipment will be used to flush out the lingering odors.

If mold removal is required, this is the point in the overall process where it would be completed. Any area submerged in water will be completely cleaned and sanitized. This process not only keeps mold from growing, but helps with odor removal.

There is no all-inclusive list for the final step of the remediation process – rebuilding. Some homes need a few new sheets of drywall to be done, while others need much more extensive work. After the initial assessment is complete, you will be notified of how extensive the repair will be, so we can restore your home and your life as quickly as possible.