Water Removal

Water Removal & Restoration Services

As water damage specialists, we use the most-effective methods for water removal and restoration. Our knowledgeable team and top-of-the-line equipment removes water from your home or business as fast as possible to prevent long-term damage. After all visible water and excessive moisture is gone, we help with every step of the restoration process to return your home to its pre-loss condition. Learn more about our services and 24/7 emergency team below.

24/7 Emergency Service Response

As a home or business owner, water damage can be incredibly stressful—and water needs to be cleaned up immediately to prevent further destruction. Notice a leak on a Saturday night? We’ll be out within the hour to assess the damage and start cleaning up the mess.

As licensed water extraction and restoration specialists in Fort Collins, we have the training and tact to work quickly around your schedule. Which is why you can count on our water removal specialists to restore your property, no matter the day or time.

Quick water removal and drying

Water Extraction & Drying

To lessen the water damage to your home or business, our team diligently removes all standing and visible water. Then, we move on to the most important part of water removal—drying out the flooring, framing, and structure.

Since moisture tends to stay trapped in subfloors and wooden framing long after visible water is gone, it can cause long-term mold issues and structural damage. At Water Extraction Experts, we have the equipment and training to extract all unnecessary moisture, whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe or flooded basement.

Flooded House

House floods can be incredibly damaging and require extensive cleanup. Often the result of heavy localized rainfall from intense thunderstorms, flash floods can rip through valleys, mountainsides, and streets. In Fort Collins, city streets can quickly be overtaken by a torrent of water. While yours and your family’s safety is the most important during a flood, quickly removing water from your home is critical once the danger has dissipated.

If you’re working to cleanup a flooded home, give our team a call. We will help remove all water and moisture from your home’s structure, work with your schedule to restore damaged areas, and do whatever we can to return your home to normal as quickly as possible.

Fast water removal for flooded home

Flooded Basement

Any basement in Fort Collins are susceptible to flooding, whether caused by heavy rain, landscaping, or merely an accident. Flooded basements happen to almost every homeowner as pipes burst, window wells overflow, and water heaters leak.

Luckily, our team is skilled in basement water damage cleanup. As soon as you discover a flooded basement, call our 24/7 emergency service line. We’ll be over within the hour to start removing water, drying out personal belongings, and attempting to salvage any water-logged materials.

See also Crawl Space Cleanup.

Water Damage Restoration

After water removal and structural drying, we continue working with you to coordinate your water damage restoration. By reaching out to our network of professional contractors, we can help schedule drywall repair, painters, plumbers, flooring experts or any other services you require. Along the way, we check in to make sure restoration is going as planned and high-quality work is being completed. Our job is only finished once your home or business is back to its pre-loss condition.

Insurance Claims Assistance

If you plan to make a water damage insurance claim, we can help. We’ll work directly with your insurance to describe the events, damage, and restoration that took place. For extensive damage and repairs, we’ll make sure every step of the process is documented and properly submitted.

Get Water Removal Help Today

Get in touch with us immediately for your water removal and restoration emergencies. Our Fort Collins team is ready to assist with any water damage issues happening at your home or business.

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