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Marijuana Cleanup

Marijuana Farming Clean-Up

Whether you’re for or against it, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has had unintended consequences, and for many landlords, damaged property due to the illegal farming of marijuana has become an all-too-common problem over the last several years.

Everything from single family homes to townhouses and apartments have been vandalized and altered to become residential greenhouses. Current home grow laws in Colorado stipulate that marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly, which means that the plants can’t be grown outside. However, the fact remains that enclosed residential living spaces are simply not meant for the growth of agricultural products—especially plants like marijuana which require a warm, humid environment to grow.

The problem has increased so much that many landlords in Colorado are now adding marijuana addendums to their leases, warning of stiff penalties for tenants who damage property because of marijuana growing activities. However, these penalties don’t fix the problem of what to do with the damage that may be left behind from illegally grown marijuana inside your property.

Common issues include water lines that have been rerouted to provide irrigation to the plants and electric wires that have been reconfigured to power the growing lights. And, sadly, if a tenant has illegally set up an indoor marijuana greenhouse, there’s a good chance you’ll find general damage such as broken doors, windows, drywall, and debris.

The most serious problems, though, are those that are hazardous health wise. In-home greenhouses are usually enclosed and poorly ventilated, which can concentrate fumes from pesticides and other chemicals, and porous walls will easily absorb these chemicals and the odors. And even more problematic is the potentially toxic level of mold spores that can grow due to the warm, humid conditions used to grow marijuana.

While the problem may seem overwhelming, our industry-certified technicians at Water Extraction Experts here in Colorado are here to help! We pride ourselves on promptly responding to calls and offering free inspections to evaluate the extent of damage to your property and suggest a plan to restore it. State-of-the-art infrared reading tools allow us to measure the amount of moisture present, and professional-grade extraction tools are used to remove water, humidity, and odor from walls, flooring, and furniture. We also use environmentally conscious anti-microbial treatments to sanitize and stop bacteria growth.

If you suspect there’s been a marijuana grow operation on your property, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly to minimize the damage done to your property and the health risk. Call us at 970-581-4498, and we’ll start working immediately to restore the integrity of your property.