Water Damage Emergency Response Service

When water damage hits your home or business, it’s essential to take action and prevent further damage. At Water Extraction Experts, our 24/7 emergency response service is prepared to help with your flooded home, basement, hotel, or business. After calling our teams in Fort Collins, CO or Albuquerque, NM, we arrive within the hour to assess your water damage and get to work restoring your property.

Emergency Response water damage removal and drying

Emergency Response to water damage removal and drying.

Free Water Damage and Mold Assessment

Our free assessment typically takes one hour. Once we understand the intricacies of your water damage situation, we begin repairing the damaged area as quickly as possible. Due to the destructive nature of water, each restoration timeline largely depends on the amount of water and how long it has remained stagnant.

It’s important for us to arrive soon after you notice the water damage emergency, because the earlier we get to work, the better chance we have of saving your carpet or flooring and preventing mold. Here’s a quick glance at what our water damage assessment and repair involves:

  • Once you call our emergency response team, expect us to arrive within the hour.
  • We assess the damage and quickly create an action plan.
  • You receive our best price and timeline estimate.
  • We work quickly to fix the water source and remove standing water.
  • All irreparable materials are removed and the drying process begins.
  • After all moisture is gone, we help reconstruct and restore the damaged areas.
  • We inform and work with your insurance to submit a claim.

Water Damage Repair and Reconstruction

Whether your water damage is a minor pipe leak or a flooded home, we can ensure a comprehensive water removal and reconstruction. Once our team removes all moisture and damaged materials, we work with you to schedule quality reconstruction.

If your water damage caused extensive destruction, we use our trusted professional network to help perform repairs. From plumbers and electricians to drywall installers and painters, we make sure every job is properly completed from start to finish.

Remember, acting quickly can help prevent thousands of dollars in damage. A common example we encounter is saving flooring in flooded basements. If a carpet or hardwood floor has been wet for less than 48 hours, and the water isn’t sewage based, the flooring can usually be saved. If the water has soaked in for longer than 48 hours, then the damage is likely irreparable. However we work with you to replace and restore any damaged materials and affected areas.

Customer Testimonials for Emergency Response Service

“Doug and his team were extremely professional, thorough and dedicated to completing the job to the highest of standards. We discovered a leak late at night and Doug arrived within 30 minutes of our call, stayed past midnight, and followed up the next day to make sure our home dried properly. He got straight to work and set up equipment to dry all wet areas, effectively preventing thousands of dollars worth of damage.” – Kerry Haj

“We contacted Water Extraction Experts after discovering a leak in our laundry room with mold present. We received immediate help from Matt with every aspect of removing mold and repairing damage. All work was excellent. Good communication, attention to detail, cleanliness, professionalism and determination to understand our needs.” – Christi Hatch

“Doug and his team acted very quickly when I found my kitchen half flooded with water. They were at my place within 30 minutes on a holiday, and immediately found the problem. Not only did they help me remove the water, they contacted people to help me with the next steps. I would happily refer anyone to this company!” – Anais Fremaint

Commercial Water Damage Emergency Service

No matter the scope of water damage, we also help flooded business and flooded hotels return to normal operations quickly and efficiently. Your customers and employees are of the utmost importance, which is why we work around your schedules and business hours. For intensive water removal, mold remediation, and reconstruction, we give you the most accurate estimates and timelines for completing work.

Call for Immediate Water Damage Assistance

If you or someone you know has experienced water damage, reach out to our experienced teams. We’ll come out today to perform an assessment, begin restoring the property, help give peace of mind.