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Water Damaged Ceiling

10 Tip-Offs of Possible Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can be one of the costliest repairs for homeowners. And while this damage sometimes comes in the form of flooding from a major storm or water shooting through your home from a burst pipe, most of the time water damage comes in a much subtler, much less noticeable form.

But just because the signs of water damage may not always be totally obvious doesn’t mean the impact is any less damaging. Here’s 10 things to look for that can give you a tip-off about water damage behind the scenes in your home:

  1. Dark or wet rings or spots on the ceiling and walls.
  2. Soft or sagging spots on the floor, especially near the bathtub, shower, sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater.
  3. Cracked flooring. Water damage to wood, tile, or laminate flooring can cause it to warp, split, or crack.
  4. Drywall that begins to flake or crack.
  5. A musty or moldy smell that appears in part of the house may mean mold and, therefore, water damage.
  6. Unusual dampness or humidity in the home may suggest unwanted, exposed water.
  7. The sound of running water in the walls even when all the fixtures are turned off.
  8. Rust on the hot water heater or metal pipes. Rust is an indication of a previous or current leak and can mean water damage.
  9. Loose caulk around pipes or fixtures can be the result of water seeping through where it’s not supposed to.
  10.  A sudden increase in utility bills could point to a hidden leak.

The most important factor in determining the extent and costs of water damage is how quickly you are able to spot the damage and begin addressing the problem. Even a seemingly small issue like a spot of rust or a small water ring below a sink can indicate a much larger problem hidden behind the drywall. Not only can water damage lead to mold and mildew that is dangerous to your family’s health, but it can also lead to costly structural damage that can worsen over time if not properly addressed.

If you notice one of the 10 signs listed above and suspect water damage, it’s important to enlist the help of a water restoration specialist, like Water Extraction Experts, rather than trying to fix the issue yourself. While most of us are only able to put a band-aid on the problem, fixing what we can see cosmetically, a professional will be able to find the root of the water damage and can correctly repair the damage, saving you lots of additional, costly repairs later on.

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