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Dishwasher Leaks and Water Damage

Dishwasher Water Damage To Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances Our kitchens: The most popular room in our home. As such, the appliances in a kitchen receive wear-and-tear faster than any other appliances. While we attempt to keep them in tip top working condition, all things do wear out eventually. Thankfully there are steps can we take to prolong their life.   Dishwashers […] Read More >

Roof Leaks

A Leaky Roof Can

  Water damage is usually caused by the accumulation of water somewhere on the property structure.  This is usually a headache for the property owner, but they would be wise not to ignore the problem. Water damage can cause other issues to the structure, especially if the property is older.    It’s never a convenient […] Read More >

Swamp Coolers Start Up / Leak Issues


Swamp Cooler Spring Start-Ups / Leak Issues Maintaining your swamp cooler is important. You must properly winterize it in the Fall, so your Spring start-up is a breeze, and your cooler efficiently runs throughout the summer months. Making sure your cooler is properly started up will prevent unnecessary leaks from occurring.   Swamp Cooler Start […] Read More >

Water Extraction Experts Featured in Real Producers Spotlight

Water Extraction Nm

Water Extraction Experts’ New Mexico branch was honored to be featured as a Partner Spotlight in the January, 2022 issue of Real Producers Magazine. “Matt Adlesperger and his team at Water Extraction Experts have over 75 years of combined experience…”   “This team of professionals handles the entire process from damage restoration to full reconstruction […] Read More >