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Is Mold Harmful to Our Brain?

Mold And Brain

Is Mold Harmful to Our Brain? Much has been publicized about upper respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions that are caused by exposure to mold. The more deadly effects of mold have recently been brought to light with devastating reports that, while in the care of Seattle Children’s Hospital, at least 14 children developed Aspergillus infections: […] Read More >

Water Damage Restoration Costs: The Inspection Process – Part 1 of 5

Inspection Part 1

When facing water damage, you will need the help from someone you can trust. Our team of professional technicians will use their experience, knowledge, plus the latest in technology to determine the extent of water and mold damage to your home. Below are the steps we take during the inspection process when determining water damage. […] Read More >

Spotlight on DJ Aragon


Spotlight on DJ Aragon – Restoration Technician New Mexico born and raised!  DJ is originally from Tierra Amarilla. He has lived in Edgewood since 2003. Before coming to work for us in October 2022, he worked in flooring installation which has proved to be a valuable asset to our company. He says, “What’s unique about […] Read More >

Spotlight On – Seth Mileson: Restoration Technician

Seth Mileson

Spotlight On – Seth Mileson: Restoration Technician Seth Mileson was born and raised in San Jose California then later moved to Albuquerque in 2012. Before he came to Water Extraction Experts, Seth worked in retail, custodial, kitchen work, landscaping, maintenance, and plumbing. He adds, “You could say I tried a little of everything before coming […] Read More >

Should I Encapsulate My Crawl Space?

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Homes with crawlspaces can still have moisture problems even in a dry climate area like New Mexico. Although crawl spaces usually have vents to circulate fresh air from the outside, the vents often fail to work well. The moisture from the ground under and around your home evaporates causing water vapor in your home’s crawl […] Read More >

Are Crawl Space Leaks Serious?

Crawl Space

Are Crawl Space Leaks Serious? Though any type of leak can be difficult to deal with, a leak found in the crawl space can be exceptionally serious. There is an immense amount of water flowing in and out of home plumbing every day. Water pipes bring water in and sewer lines take it away. A […] Read More >

5 Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space

For most people, the crawlspace is among the last places of their home they want to visit—dirt or rock-filled floor, cobwebs, and the potential for spiders, bugs, and even rodents. While this was once considered the optimal condition for a crawl space—keeping the area as similar to the outdoors as possible—that thought has drastically changed. […] Read More >