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A Personal Touch

Recently, Matt Adlesperger, owner of Water Extraction Experts, made a notable appearance at a real estate office’s sales meeting. He not only brought breakfast burritos and gifts for the attendees but also shared his expertise on identifying water damage and mold.

During the meeting, Matt emphasized the importance of being cautious of certain practices in the industry. He highlighted the risks associated with companies that bypass professional remediation standards, such as fogging homes without proper mold removal and cleaning. “It’s crucial to be careful with remediation contractors who also offer testing services, like conducting mold tests before and after remediation themselves,” Matt advised. He proudly noted that all technicians at Water Extraction Experts are IICRC certified and receive continuous advanced training.

Matt was asked about what actions real estate agents should avoid when they discover mold or water damage. He advised against directing airflow onto the affected area because it could disturb mold spores, making them airborne. He also cautioned against using chemicals for cleaning because they can only discolor mold without eliminating the spores.

In working with insurance companies, Matt stressed the importance of thorough documentation. He advised choosing contractors experienced in dealing with insurance firms, capable of providing detailed bids, cost reports, and extensive photographic evidence of the damage and repair process. “Thorough documentation is key, especially since water damage is generally covered by homeowners’ policies, while mold coverage varies with the insurer,” he said.

Water Extraction Experts are ready to assist when inspections during home closings encounter issues. Matt has a history of personally attending real estate meetings and business gatherings, demonstrating a commitment to direct customer engagement.

For those unfortunate enough to face water damage or mold issues, Matt’s team at Water Extraction Experts is just a call away. They offer emergency 24/7 water damage restoration and inspections.

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