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Buying Or Selling A Home

ASK THE EXPERTS – buying or selling a home?

ASK THE EXPERTS – buying or selling a home?

What should real estate agents avoid doing if they discover mold or water damage?

Don’t put any air movement on the direct area. While most people want to dry out the area immediately, direct air movement will disturb the mold spores and make them airborne.

Also, avoid cleaning the area with chemicals, which will discolor the mold and not kill the spore. It will also make it harder for a professional remediation contractor to determine contamination and the scope of work. Leave the area in the condition you found it.

Call a restoration contractor and schedule an inspection right away.

Could mold or water damage derail a closing?

Generally, not as long as it is caught early during inspections. The more time a restoration contractor has to provide an inspection, estimate, and perform remediation, the better. With proper communication, expectations and timelines can be properly set, and work performed in a timely manner.

Water Extraction Experts offer around-the-clock, emergency services. We provide inspections of your home and property to evaluate the extent of damage to your property.

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