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Come Fire, Mold, or High Water: Why You Should Trust a Professional Restoration Specialist

Self-sufficiency is a commendable trait, whether that comes in the form of a thriving organic garden in your backyard or a refurbished car in the garage. But when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of property damage, putting that self-reliance aside and calling in reinforcements from the experts is probably best.

Restoration after water damage, mold, or fire is all about time and a quick response—resolving issues before they potentially get much worse. While many house projects like refinishing cabinets or building a porch can afford to sit to the side while you browse tutorials online, the ramifications of letting water or fire damage go untouched can quickly get worse, costing you more time and money in the long run, not to mention the added anxiety.

Here are 3 reasons why you should always call in a professional restoration specialist after you experience property damage:

1. Peace of mind.
For many homeowners, it can be hard to know what to do after a disaster or where to concentrate efforts. Do you tear out carpeting affected by flooding or is it enough to simply clean it? How do you tackle cleaning a couch after smoke damage? A professional restoration specialist has seen every type of property damage and will be able to walk you through each step of the mitigation and repair process with the goal of returning your property to its original condition as quickly as possible. They will be able to help you navigate every type of issue from replacing drywall and flooring to dealing with secondary damage to furniture, wallpaper, photos, and clothing.

2. Health concerns.
It pays to have an expert when it comes to your family’s health. Although it may seem like “only a little bit of water,” that water can have a major impact, fast. Mold can begin to grow as quickly as 24 hours after water damage and it is often invisible to the naked eye for several weeks, hiding in spaces that aren’t easy to spot like basement corners, crawlspaces, air ducts, and ceiling cavities. Mold can cause serious health concerns ranging from throat irritation and coughing to lung infection.

After a fire, smoke and soot byproducts can linger in porous materials like drywall, furniture, carpet, and wood for weeks on end, causing breathing issues and skin and eye irritation. Plus, many items do not burn “cleanly”—when items such as plastics, carpet, asbestos, and woods are burned, dangerous chemicals are released and carry serious health risks.

Restoration specialists, LIKE WATER EXTRACTION EXPERTS, have the expertise and equipment needed to prevent and eliminate any contamination, making sure your home is a healthy space for you and your loved ones for years to come.

3. Safety.
Restoration specialists will be able to help you address the obvious safety issues like doors and windows that may have been compromised during the disaster, preventing the possibility of vandalism or critters from getting inside your home. They’ll also be able to spot other, less noticeable safety concerns like wet, heavy or weakened materials that could collapse after a disaster and electrical issues hidden in the walls. While you may only see damp floors from a flood or blackened cabinets from a kitchen fire, the experts will know everything to check for so there are no unwanted surprise issues later on.

Professional restoration specialists, LIKE WATER EXTRACTION EXPERTS, are trained in handling all components of restoration in the event of water, mold, or fire damage—from major structural issues to restoring beloved furniture items. As the experts, they are probably more aware than you are of the need for an immediate and timely response after a disaster happens as the quicker the response is, the less damage is done. Certified, professional restoration specialists are available 24/7 with the staff and equipment needed for any type of property damage you might face. By trusting the professionals, you’ll be saving time and money you can use on less risky but no less rewarding DIY projects of your own.

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