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Dishwasher Water Damage To Kitchen

Dishwasher Water Damage

Did you know that roughly 30 percent of household floods and water damage is due to appliance failure?

Dishwasher lines and hoses can spring a leak or blow outright during the middle of the wash cycle, meaning gallons upon gallons of water could end up cascading through your kitchen—seeping under the oven, refrigerator, and into every nook and cranny, it can find. Thankfully the water damage done by appliance leaks or breaks is usually covered by insurance (as long as it happens suddenly and is not due to negligence), although the cost of repairing the dishwasher itself isn’t covered. Every insurance policy is different, be sure to check and see if your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage. Two simple prevention measures, though, can keep you from having to deal with a flooded kitchen and a costly mess:

  1. Replace the rubber hose. Dishwashers usually have rubber hoses at the back which supply their water. These rubber hoses can deteriorate over time. Replacing this rubber hose yourself with a sturdier steel-braided hose (available at most home improvement stores for about $20) will help decrease the likelihood of a leak or burst.
  2. Never run the dishwasher when you’re not around. Although it’s tempting to load the dishwasher and turn it on as you leave the house for work in the morning or as you head to bed at night, you’re potentially creating an 8-hour window when the water from your dishwasher has the unsupervised capacity to do what it will with your kitchen. If a leak happens while you’re at home, you can shut the water off and quickly begin soaking up the leak, preventing the water from spreading too far or causing lots of damage.

Taking these precautions will not only potentially save you from kitchen damage, but from water damage in your basement level as well, as water from kitchen leaks often finds its way down walls to the floor below, ruining drywall, carpeting, and furniture.

If you experience appliance failure and subsequent water damage, call Water Extraction Experts right away. Our team is available for emergency response 24/7 and can help you restore your kitchen—and basement, if need be—as quickly as possible. In the case that you’ll need to completely replace your dishwasher, although you’ll have to suffer through washing dishes by hand for a couple of days while waiting for the new appliance to be installed, with the help of Water Extraction Experts you can be confident that everything outside your sink will be dry and problem-free.

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