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Monsoon Awareness

Monsoon or Non-soon?

Monsoon or Non-soon?

According to New Mexico Weather Service this year’s monsoon season is expected to be a gradual whimper thanks in large part to an El Niño climate pattern.


What is a monsoon?

A monsoon is not a rainstorm; it’s a seasonal reversal of winds. In the desert Southwest, prevailing winds are from the west and southwest. They come off other desert regions, so they don’t produce a lot of moisture. The pattern shifts in the summer, and we begin to have more of a flow from south or southeast and most of the time it picks up moisture when it happens.


With temperatures reaching three digits, New Mexico needs moisture. Below is the Weather Service forecast:


August: near average precipitation and above average high and low temperatures.


September: near average precipitation and slightly above average temperatures with a relatively abrupt change sometime in mid to late September toward wetter and cooler than average weather.


Wind: above average sustained wind speeds in August and September.


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