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Water Damaged Carpet


Water and carpet do not belong together. So what do you when you find yourself squelching across a soaked rug?

First, and most obviously, assess the source of the water damage and make sure the water has stopped. In able to clean and save the carpet, it’s important to know that the unwanted water came from a clean source, such as a faucet or water heater. Unfortunately, carpets affected by wastewater or floodwater will need to be thrown out rather than restored because the water can be extremely toxic, filled with various bacteria. When dealing with water damaged carpet, it’s best to work with a water damage restoration expert to ensure your property is salvaged properly.

How we save your water damaged carpets:

  1. We begin by drying the carpet as soon as possible. Water damaged carpet can begin to develop mold as soon as 48 hours after the damage has occurred. If you suspect your carpeting has been affected by water for more than a couple days, it’s a good idea to call a professional for help. While a wet/dry vacuum is great for pulling water out of the carpet, unfortunately, this same process won’t work if you have carpet padding below. The padding will act as a giant sponge, pulling water into it and developing mildew, mold, and odors. If you have carpet padding, we’ll carefully pull up the wet carpet and remove the padding beneath. Then lay the carpet back down and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water. Once the carpet and flooring are once again dry, you can choose to install new padding under the carpet. The good news is that carpet padding is much less expensive to replace than the carpet itself!
  2. We use a wet/dry vacuum to remove as much water as possible from your carpet. We also set up fans and dehumidifiers to circulate the air and help speed up the drying process, making sure the air is blowing directly onto the carpet.
  3. Finally, once the carpet is completely dry, you’ll want to have the carpets steam cleaned. Although it may not seem necessary, it’s important to eliminate any germs or contaminants that may be hiding and an anti-microbial cleaner will ensure there will be no mold growth. Steam cleaning your carpets will get them properly sanitized and deodorized.

Hiring a professional restoration team like Water Extraction Experts can give you peace of mind that your once-damaged carpets are safe and can continue to be used for a long time.

We are equipped to guide you through the process of repairing your home and getting you back to your life as soon as possible.


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