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Spotlight on Scott Tackaberry: Project Manager

Scott was born and raised in New Mexico and has lived in Edgewood for the last 4 years. Before coming to Water Extraction Experts, Scott was a warehouse forklift operator. He has been with Water Extraction Experts since the beginning and has been Project Manager for 6 years. He oversees the remediation jobs and all other jobs as needed. He says that getting the customer’s life back to normal is his favorite part of his job, “It can be a very devastating thing for the customer when they have water damage or mold. It feels good to get them back on track.”

Scott feels there isn’t just one customer core value that resonates with him, there are three: integrity, teamwork and accountability. “Integrity is doing the right thing; being there when you are supposed to be is teamwork; acknowledging you need to be there and that your team depends on you, is accountability. They all go hand in hand. What’s unique about working for Water Extraction Experts is we are a strong team and we look out and take care of each other. We are unique in our customer service and we work together to get things taken care of with quality and care.”

What does he like to do outside of work? Scott jokingly says, “I like to rest outside of work. I also enjoy taking my dog Duckie on walks. I love to golf and go hiking.”  Scott wouldn’t tell you this, but word is, he is a pretty good golfer and when he can, he and his friend Carlos golf on his days off.  “I’ve known Carlos since third grade. He and his wife Sheila are like family and we spend many special occasions together.” Speaking of family, Scott lives very close to his father and enjoys spending time with him and helps him with chores and anything else he needs.

What motivates Scott? “Water damage really is a hardship for our customers, making things right for them and not taking advantage is important to me. So, getting the job done motivates me in my job.”

We are proud to have someone like Scott on our team! Scott has been nominated by his team for a Teamwork Award. His devotion to the company, team and customer is his goal: Every day.

At Water Extraction Experts, we care about family. If you happen to experience water damage, give us a call. We understand how distressing it can be. We use the most advanced technology in water damage mitigation and mold remediation to quickly get your home and your life back to normal again.

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