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Water Damage Laminate Flooring

Water Damaged Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have become increasingly popular due to the lower cost vs. solid hardwood floors, durability, and realistic wood look. Many popular laminate floor options are water-resistant, meaning if you remove the water quickly there should be minimal if any damage done to the flooring. However, there are situations where water may be on the floor for an extended amount of time.

How do I repair water damaged laminate floors?

If laminate flooring has water damage, you usually will see swelling of the boards.  Other signs of water damage to laminate flooring can include:

  • Cupping– in cupping the edged of the laminate floorboards will be higher on the sides
  • Buckling – bumps, and dips in flooring
  • Cracking or splitting – boards are showing cracks and splits in the wood veneer

If this happens, it’s good to call the professionals, such as Water Extraction Experts, to deal with extracting the water, removing the flooring, dry out the subfloor and treat the area to help minimize mold and bacteria growth.  It’s very important that everything is VERY dry before installing new laminate flooring.

Not all water damage to laminate flooring is treated the same way. Depending on what type of water damage has occurred for example…black, (sewer), grey (bathtub) different requirements than clean water from a faucet. Our expert technicians at Water Extraction Experts are certified in all types of water damage and can make sure your life gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

We can help with water damage done to laminate flooring.

Water damage to flooring can be stressful and expensive to repair. We understand and can help you get back to normal as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We provide inspections and estimates. We work directly with your insurance company and provide all the necessary documentation to help ensure your claim is processed easily.


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