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Water Damaged Wood Floor: Now What?

Water Damaged Wood Floor:  Now What?

Hardwood floors are certainly stunning. They are also durable and easy to clean. It has one important drawback however: it is permeable to fluids. Even though the top is coated with a protective sealant, the underside is not. In the event of a plumbing leak, a flood or even excessive humidity, water quickly finds a way to saturate the wood, causing unsightly water damage to your once beautiful floor. If you are aware of the following stages of water damage to wood floors, you will be able to catch it early and limit the damage.

Stages of Water Damage to Wood Floors – Enemy #1:  Mold!

Stage 1: As soon as wood becomes damp, mold begins to form.  It is a concern for people with compromised health.  Be aware that if mold is allowed to continue to grow it becomes increasingly serious at each stage of water damage.

Stage 2: The longer the water sits on a wood floor, the more damage it causes. If water has been on the floor more than 24 hours mold will weaken the boards causing them to soften. Wood expands as it absorbs water and if left untreated, crowning (swelling) leaves bumps in the middle of the board, or cupping (curling) might develop around the edges. You may see gaps or tears as the floorboards start to warp, lift or break away. Mold becomes a more serious health concern.

Stage 3: Signs of buckling: The individual pieces of wood detach from the subfloor and stick out. Buckling is typically the result of severe water damage. If its’ source is from a broken sewer line it is now considered Category 3 Black Water and very hazardous to deal with.

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