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What Causes Condensation in Cold Weather?

Have you noticed dripping windows, walls or even worse, black mold growing around your window frames or walls?  Those are the signs of condensation in your home. During wintery weather we rely on traditional heating systems such as radiators and fireplaces which increase indoor humidity.  In order to preserve heat, we usually keep our windows closed.  That ensures any moisture created by cooking, showering, bathing, or other daily activities will be trapped inside the house with no way to escape.  As a result, moisture in the air will condense and settle on colder surfaces.

10 Ways to Reduce Condensation Problems:

  1. Properly insulate between your attic and living areas. Have it checked if you’re not sure your insulation is working properly.
  2. Make sure walls and floors are dry in the basement, especially in cracks or joints where the wall and floor meet.
  3. Make sure there is no standing water in the crawl space.
  4. Wipe up any window condensation on inside windows.
  5. Try to keep the inside temperature reasonably constant.
  6. Avoid drying clothes indoors.
  7. Do not dry clothes over any radiators.
  8. Ensure tumble driers are properly vented or the condensate is regularly emptied.
  9. Keep furniture away from walls.
  10. Ensure extractor fans are well maintained and offer adequate airflow.

Condensation can be a major problem for homeowners during the winter.  If condensation is allowed to continue over a prolonged period of time, it can cause substantial damage to your property. If wooden window frames are damaged, the fibers can spread apart allowing more moisture from outdoors to soak in, which can freeze and cause the wood to split. Other signs that may start to appear are damp patches on walls and ceilings, peeling wallpaper and paint, rotting wood, buckling floors, insulation deterioration, mold and mildew and ultimately black mold growth. That can cause major health problems and should not be ignored.

If you experience mold caused by condensation call Water Extraction Experts! We use the most advanced technology in water damage mitigation and mold remediation to quickly get your home and your life back to normal again.

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