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Wildfire Preparedness: “Get to know Ready, Set, Go!”

Wildfire Preparedness

It’s hot out there. With the addition of high wind, heat can become even more of a concern. It is the start of the 2023 wildfire season in New Mexico and warnings from the National Weather Service have been frequent. It is crucial to have an emergency kit and an evacuation plan in place for you and your family. The information below is from New Mexico Fire Info. Please keep reading.

A Life-Saving Campaign

The 2023 Wildfire Preparedness is a Year-Round campaign that provides monthly wildfire preparedness tasks that follow the changing seasons. The May message from NM wildland fire partners is: “Get to know Ready, Set, Go!”

Communication is key during wildfire season. Be sure to register with your local government’s emergency management office for text or email notifications and connect with your county or city’s social media. The Ready, Set, Go! New Mexico program provides tips and tools to prepare for a wildfire emergency and create a personal action plan.


  • Get Ready: Create a family disaster plan that includes meeting locations and communication plans and rehearse it regularly. Include the evacuation of large animals, such as horses, in your plan.


  • Put together an emergency supply kit or go-bag and keep it near. The NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Preparedness Guide is a good resource for items to include. Keep an extra kit in your vehicle. Don’t forget important family documents like birth certificates, wills, deeds and insurance policies. Please do not go back into the house to retrieve the go-bag or anything else during a fire!




  • Stay tuned to local TV and radio stations for updates and check official information sources on the internet.


  • Have an evacuation plan for your family and pets in place, and make sure all family members have a copy of evacuation and contact information.


  • Load your supplies and go-bags in your vehicle.



  • Act Early, Evacuate: Do not wait to be advised to leave if there is a possible threat to your home or evacuation route. Leave early enough to avoid being caught in fire, smoke or road congestion. If you are advised to leave by local authorities, do not hesitate. If you don’t follow the Go order, understand that emergency services may not be able to assist you.


  • Head to a predetermined location in a low-risk area such as a relative’s house, Red Cross shelter or evacuation center, motel or school. Identify several routes in case your first choice is closed due to the fire.


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