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Water Damaged Wood Floors

Wood Floor Water Damage…What to do!

I turned the dishwasher on before I left to work and came home to a huge puddle on my wood floors? What can I do to save my floors?

-Worried in Fort Collins, CO

Dear Worried in Fort Collins, CO,

You’re not alone. We often receive calls from panicked homeowners who have water damage to their wood floors due to either their dishwasher leaking or their refrigerator water lines leaking. When it comes to wood floors and water, you must act VERY fast. The first couple hours are critical, and the longer the wood is in contact with water, the worse the damage will be. Immediately, soak up any water currently on the wood floor and give us a call.

If you remove the water from your hardwood floors quickly and properly dry them, you may be able to save the wood.

Water Extraction Experts have specific equipment designed to extract water from wood floors and dry the floors fast. Wood floors can be very costly to replace, so it’s very important to call an expert to help you extract the water from the wood quickly.Wood Floor Water Damage

Other issues that can arise from water damaged wood floors is mildew and mold. Our expert technicians can treat the wood floors to help reduce the possible occurrence of mildew and mold. Add another issue can be water damage to cabinets and walls. It’s very important to dry out and treat cabinets and walls professionally to help ensure that mildew and mold do not develop in these areas.

We’re sorry this happened to you. We’re happy to help. You can call us 24/7. We’ll work directly with your insurance company. Our specially trained technicians will provide any documentation your insurance may require.

We can help with water damaged wood floors.

Water damage done due to a leaking refrigerator, dishwasher, or kitchen pipes issues can be very stressful, especially when wood flooring is damaged. We understand and can help you get back to normal as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We provide inspections and estimates. We work directly with your insurance company and provide all the necessary documentation to help ensure your claim is processed easily.


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