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Can My Water Damaged Carpet Be Saved?

Carpet is an investment that makes your home warm and inviting. The goal is to keep it looking new for as long as possible. The challenge is, carpet is highly absorbent and can become water damaged. A minor spill may not be ruinous, but a leak, a burst pipe or a flood in your home can cause severe water damage to your carpet. Knowing the different stages of damage caused by water in carpets can help you determine if your carpet can be saved.


  • Stage 1- Minimal surface damage in which the carpet can be salvaged: Most carpets that get wet from a leak will easily soak into the carpet pad almost immediately. We can look at stage one as a leak that is caught quickly, within a day or two. If the leak is from clean water (Category 1) or gray water (Category 2), the carpet can be dried and salvaged. With our process at Water Extraction Experts, we always remove and replace the padding no matter the category.


  • Stage 2– Again, clean water or gray water: Here we are talking about exposure to water damage for three days or longer, at which point, delamination (separation) from carpet backing has begun. There will also be signs of mold and mildew damage through to padding which will need to be removed and replaced. Carpet will be replaced if there is presence of delamination.


  • Stage 3– Mold damage also in subflooring: Category 3 black water or long-term water damage that cause mold issues. Black water and mold are always removed and replaced with any porous surface it touches. Carpet and subflooring will need to be replaced.


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Keep in mind that although water damage at Category 1 is generally considered safe to handle, Categories 2 and 3 are both considered hazardous and unsafe to deal with. If your carpets have been affected by water at any of the categories, call us to handle the cleanup for you. It’s essential not to let water sit and absorb into your carpet. Water Extraction Experts will use the latest technology to make the process of dealing with water damaged carpets significantly easier. Our team of certified technicians use the most advanced technology in water damage mitigation and mold remediation to quickly get your home and your life back to normal again.


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