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3 Categories Of Water Damage

What are the Three Categories of Water Damage?

Three Categories of Water Damage

Facing the aftermath of water damage can be stressful. Immediate steps are necessary to limit the extent of the damage to your home and lower the health risks for your family. With an understanding of the different categories of water damage, you will be better informed of the situation and the possible contaminants you are dealing with.

Category 1 Clean Sanitary Water: Uncontaminated at its source, but may become contaminated as it comes into contact with soil, flooring, walls, or other items.

Examples: overflowing sinks or bathtubs, broken water supply lines, ice, snow, rainwater, toilet tanks and clean toilet bowls.

A category 1 situation poses no health threats if consumed or if you are exposed to it, however, it is still necessary to ensure proper water damage restoration during a category 1 situation. Small traces of water could cause possible mold growth. It may ruin your carpet, flooring, walls, furniture and other items.

Category 2 Gray Water: Contains significant contaminants and may cause discomfort or sickness if exposed to it or consumed.

Examples: Overflow from dishwasher/washing machines, overflowing toilets with urine, leaks under sinks, water from aquariums, water beds, sump pump failure, seepage from surging hydrostatic pressure usually from ground water.

If you have category 2 water damage, it is essential that all damaged areas are properly cleaned and decontaminated as quickly as possible otherwise this might lead to a category 3 water damage which is dangerous.

Category 3 Black Water:  Extremely hazardous! Toxic! Causes serious illness or death if exposed to or ingested.


Examples: Sewage backup containing urine, feces, dangerous chemicals or medical waste. Flood waters from rivers, streams or oceans. Standing water containing bacteria.

As you can see, a category 3 situation is otherwise known as black water: the most dangerous and destructive category of all due to toxic bacterial contamination. It must be handled by the professionals at Water Extraction Experts who are certified in handling contamination under category 3.

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Be aware that if left untreated, water damage at category 1 can lead to category 2, which may then lead to a dangerous category 3. Take our advice! Seek the help of Water Extraction Experts right away to clean and sanitize your home. Our team of certified technicians use the most advanced technology in water damage mitigation and mold remediation to quickly get your home and your life back to normal again.

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