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Rain Damage

Damaging Effects of Rain

Damaging Effects of Rain


In dry climate areas like New Mexico the ground may lack the capacity to absorb heavy rainfall and can become a problem. To reduce the damaging effects to your home, you can prepare with a few simple actions:

  • Inspect the roof and foundation yearly for damage.


  • Keep gutters free of debris. Overflow can cause water damage through the roof, or seep into the walls and work its way down to the foundation.


  • Sump Pumps remove excess water that collects beneath a building.


  • Add weather stripping and caulking to the HVAC system and around windows and doors.


During a storm, pests will look for shelter in places like your warm and dry home. And they won’t leave until an exterminator arrives on the scene. Some common pests that do this include termites, ants, mice, and cockroaches.


Further, water damage can lead to mold growth causing health risks even beyond such things as wheezing, itchy eyes, and trouble breathing. Recent studies have found that mold can be seriously harmful to the human brain.


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