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Frozen Hose Bibs and Pipes: Spring Thaw

Last week Spring arrived in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Most of us will be heading outside to do a spring clean-up in the yard and start planting. The warmer weather also means turning the outside water back on. But before you head into spring…make sure that your outdoor pipes and hose bibs didn’t freeze and crack during the cold winter months.

Using your outdoor faucets for the first time after winter instructions:

Even if you did everything you were supposed to do you may find out you have a leak or cracked pipe when you turn on your outdoor water. IMPORTANT: Before you turn on your outdoor water supplies make sure you know where your main water valve is in case you need to shut the water off due to a leak. If water leaks aren’t discovered immediately and the water turned off damages can start to mount. “We receive many calls this time of the year in Colorado and Wyoming due to pipe leaks caused by frozen water expansion”, stated Doug Adlesperger, owner and operator of Water Extraction Experts Colorado and Wyoming branches. “In the Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico areas, frozen pipe issues aren’t as common, but we do get a cold spell now and then that can cause problems for people who don’t remove their hoses from their outdoor faucets,” stated Matt Adelsperger, owner and operator of the New Mexico branch of Water Extraction Experts.

When turning your water on for the first time after winter…look for these signs of a leak:

  1. Water pressure has dropped. If you turn on the outside faucet and then lose water pressure in faucets inside, you may have a pipe leak. Turn off the main water and call us for an inspection.
  2. Water will follow the path of least resistance. So, if you believe you have a leak, look for water along the outdoor wall and inside floor. These are the first places you’ll likely see the water from the leak.
  3. If you turn on the outside faucet and water comes out of walls or anywhere else give us a call. A burst pipe can cause major flooding in your home or business which also can lead to mold. We’ll dry out the water damaged areas quickly and treat the area to minimize the risk of mold growing.

Be ready to act!

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to keep pipes from bursting or leaking. The smallest amount of water left in a pipe can cause a great deal of water damage. Be prepared when turning your water back on for the first time after a cold winter. If you find that you do have a leak or your pipes have burst, be sure to give us a call. Our certified water damage technicians will provide you with an inspection. They know how to quickly minimize damage to your property and get your life back to normal. We are a family owned, local business. Learn more about us here.

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