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Washing Machine Overflow

Get help NOW after your Washing Machine Overflows or Leaks

We get a couple calls every week from customers who have experienced water damage and flooding from either a washing machine leak or from a washing machine overflow.  Unfortunately, these incidents can cause a lot of water damage and even mold problems if not handled properly and quickly.

“Where we see the most water damage is when the laundry room is either upstairs or on the main floor,” said Matt Adlesperger, owner, and operator of Water Extraction Experts in Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico. The water damage often includes wood flooring and carpet, as well as walls and cabinetry. If the laundry room is upstairs, we can see extensive water damage to both floors and it often includes ceiling damage.

“Sometimes people think they got the water damage taken care of just by mopping up the water on the floor, explained  Doug Adlesperger, owner, and operator of Water Extraction Experts in Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming. “Unfortunately, that’s often only the tip of the iceberg. Water seeps into walls and ceilings, causing a lot of damage and mold growth if not dried out properly.” If you’re dealing with water damage due to your washing machine overflowing or leaking, call us quickly so we can get out to your home and give you an estimate on restoration and clean-up,” stated Doug.  “It could save you a lot of health issues, money and long-term problems.”

Tips to help Prevent Washing Machine Overflow and Leaks

  1. Don’t use too much detergent

Using too much detergent can cause the overflow tube to become clogged, resulting in a leak at the front of the washer.

  1. Inspect your washer’s water supply hoses

Older hoses can crack. Be sure to check your hoses every couple months and replace them every 3-5 years.  The water supply hoses should not be rusty, cracked, or corroded.

  1. Buy a washing machine tray

Place the washing machine tray under your washer to catch water. Be sure to check the tray often to detect a washing machine leak early.

If your washing machine has overflowed or leaked, be sure to give us a call. We’ll get to your house quickly for an inspection. We’ll use special dryers, dehumidifiers, and floor mats to quickly extract the water from your walls and floors. We’ll treat the areas to help ensure mold growth isn’t an issue in the future.


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