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Kitchen Faucet Left Running

Faucet Left Running: Flooded Kitchen or Flooded Bathroom

It happens more often than you would think. Someone gets distracted after they turn on the faucet and boom…they have a flooded kitchen or bathroom. It literally takes just a couple minutes to be standing in ankle deep water. “Last year we had a customer call us with a kitchen flooded,” said Doug, owner, and operator of Water Extraction Experts in Northern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming. “She started a sink full of dishes but ran into the other room to watch a play during a Denver Bronco game. She got caught up in the game and returned to a kitchen flooded,” continued Doug. “Unfortunately, her basement flooded too. The water went underneath the sink and through the floors, into the downstairs ceiling and walls.”

So what do you do if this happens to you?

“You need to act fast,” said Matt, owner, and operator of Water Extraction Experts in New Mexico. “If you grab some towels and quickly sop up the water on the floor and call us when can usually save your wood floors, cabinets and minimize damage.” Water can hide in areas that you don’t think about and can’t see. Water Extraction Experts have special moisture meters and infrared cameras to get a clear picture of what needs to happen to dry out the water damage.  “We often have to remove cabinet kick plates, and baseboards to the check for water under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets,” explained Doug.

“At Water Extraction Experts we have special equipment to extract water from floors, dehumidifiers, and high powered fans to dry out your home and property quickly. We treat water damaged areas with special treatments to help keep mold away.” “The best part is that we work with your insurance and make sure that they have all the information they need to file the claim.”

As with any water damage, the sooner you can react and get water removed from floors, drywall, cabinets, and property—the less damage.

Water Extraction Experts specialize in water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, mold removal, fire & smoke damage restoration, flood damage cleanup.


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