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Swamp Cooler

Prep Your Swamp Cooler for Summer

Swamp coolers offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. And while the operating costs are significantly less than those of a traditional air conditioner, to keep those costs low it’s important to invest a small amount of time and energy into maintaining your swamp cooler, keeping it running efficiently and maximizing its life span.

As you prepare to use your swamp cooler again as the weather warms up, go through the following maintenance checklist to make sure your unit is ready to go. We’re always here to help…give us a call if you think you have water damage due to your swamp cooler.

Remove the casing. Remove all the sides of the cooler unit. There is usually a small clip that can be rotated in order to release them. Keep track of which panel belongs to each side of the unit as they are sometimes slightly different and may not fit exactly right unless they are put back in the same positions.

Clean the inside of the cooler. Use a shop-vac to remove any accumulated dust or debris like dead leaves and wipe out any remaining grime with a wet cloth. Built-up debris can clog the water pump and cause permanent damage.

Replace evaporation pads. When in operation, the swamp cooler’s absorption pads hold water as a fan blows air across them to evaporate the water and cool the blowing air. These pads become brittle over time due to mineral deposits and then aren’t able to absorb the necessary water to effectively cool your home. These pads should be replaced once a year, so if you didn’t change them out when winterizing the unit, now’s the time to do so. For best results, presoak the pads before turning on your swamp cooler.

Check the motor. First, inspect the belt that turns the motor, which should be smooth and free of cracks. This belt can be replaced if necessary. Next, lubricate the motor by adding oil where indicated in the unit’s owner’s manual.

Clean the water tank. Wipe down the internal water tank with mild soapy water and rinse clean; then fill the tank with water.

Test the unit. Reconnect the power supply and turn on the unit, checking the water pump and fan motor for proper operation. When the pump is working properly, water should be flowing freely from the tubing onto the sides of the evaporative cooler and onto the evaporation pads. If the water flow is sluggish, this could be a sign that the pump is not working correctly or that the lines are clogged. Also, check that the motor is running and the fan wheel is turning. Within a few minutes, cool air should be coming from the unit. Be sure to look for possible leaks or water damage.

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We can help with your swamp cooler.  If you have water damage, hiring a professional water extraction team like Water Extraction Experts can give you peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

We are equipped to guide you through the process of protecting your property and getting you back to your life as soon as possible.

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