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Sink Overflow

5 Tips to Avoid To Keep Your Sink From Overflowing

If your sink overflows in your kitchen or bathroom, it can make a huge, wet mess to clean up. If you don’t catch it time you can have flooding that can affect your floors, your cabinets, and your walls. Since sink water is considered gray water (unclean), you should also be considered with issues such as mold growth.  Below are a few tips to avoid your sink overflowing. If you do have an accident, and the sink overflows, give us a call. We can help prevent mold growth by drying out your floors and walls quickly.

5 Tips to Help Avoid Your Sink Overflowing

  1. Coffee grounds and eggshells should go in the trash, not down the sink or sink disposal. Coffee grounds are especially known to cause solid clogs in the kitchen pipes.
  2. A common cause of a kitchen sink clogging and overflowing is draining bacon grease, fat or oil down the kitchen sink drain. Wait for the grease/oil to cool and throw it away in the trash.
  3. Hair is a common cause for bathroom sinks to clog and overflow. If you notice the sink is draining slower than usual, it’s time to take it apart and clean out the hair and gunk that has accumulated.
  4. Don’t try to multi-task. We’ve seen many kitchens and bathrooms flooded because people started running water and walked away to do something else only to come back to a flooded kitchen or bathroom.
  5. Another problem is kids playing in sinks and keeping the water flowing or getting a small toy stuck in the drain. It’s best to keep your kids away from sinks except to wash hands and brush teeth.

If your Sink Overflows…here is what to do.

  1. First thing…shut off the water.
  2. Grab towels to clean-up whatever water is on the floor and counter.
  3. Be sure to check inside your cabinets. Water can seep into cabinets quite easily.
  4. If it looks like water went under baseboards there is a good chance your walls have been affected. You should give us a call to determine the extent of the water damage. We can provide an inspection and make recommendations for restoration.

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