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Refrigerator Leaking Water: Help is on the Way!

At Water Extraction Experts, our certified technicians often receive phone calls from customers in a panic when they’ve experienced water damage due to their refrigerator leaking.  We understand… your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. Don’t fret, we’re here to help.

Water Lines to Refrigerator

“Frequently, when we here about a refrigerator leaking it’s due to the water lines failing or being improperly installed, explained Doug Adlesperger, owner, and operator of Water Extraction Experts in Northern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming, “ Most often we see refrigerator leaks with the side-by-side refrigerator/freezer style that have a water dispenser and ice maker. “  “Most frequently, it’s the kitchen floors (especially wood floors, bamboo floors and laminate floors) that have the greatest amount of water damage due to a refrigerator leaking, stated Doug. “ If you act fast, we do have special equipment and mats that we can place on your floors to minimize damage.”

What can go wrong with water and your refrigerator? A lot.

There are many refrigerator malfunctions that can cause water damage. If you notice water leaking from the back of your refrigerator, carefully mover your fridge forward to take a peek behind it. If you see water coming out of the tubing, you need to turn off your water supply immediately.  Your connecting water line can have a crack, hole or break. This can cause water to leak into your refrigerator and pool at the bottom. “Also, the water inlet valve assembly located on the back of refrigerator controls water flow to the ice maker and the water dispenser can malfunction and stay open or not shut off”, explained Matt Adlesperger, owner, and operator of the Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico branch of Water Extraction Experts.

Another issue you can run into is with the drain pan. The refrigerator drain pan collects water that melts from the evaporator fins, moves to the evaporator drip tray and then through the defrost drain tube. The water then ends up in the refrigerator drain pan in the main refrigerator machine compartment. The drain pan can sometimes fill with debris and become clogged which can cause flooding and water damage.

We are here to help.

Once you’ve shut off the water to either your refrigerator or to your entire home give us a call. Our certified technicians will assess the water damage and act fast to help ensure minimal damage to your home and property.  The longer property is exposed to water, often the greater the damage, so it’s important to get our water damage experts on the job fast.


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