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A Leaky Roof Can

Roof Leaks


Water damage is usually caused by the accumulation of water somewhere on the property structure. 

This is usually a headache for the property owner, but they would be wise not to ignore the problem. Water damage can cause other issues to the structure, especially if the property is older. 


It’s never a convenient time to discover a roof leak. There is usually a huge rainfall outside and suddenly you have a stream of water flowing in your house or you notice the paint on your ceiling, and/or wall, sagging. If the leak has been slow, but ongoing for a while, there may also be some discoloration on your ceiling, wall, molding, etc. 


No matter the size, hopefully the repair and clean-up are easy, but depending on the damage and environment, a professional may need to come to give you an extra hand at restoring your property to a liveable or workable state! They have the equipment and know how to dry and sanitize the affected area (or areas) in your home or business. 

Discovering you have a leak, no matter the size, is hardly a good sign and everybody has to deal with it at some point in their lives. Many repairs can be fixed on your own, but if your leaky  roof caused damage to your ceiling and/or walls, you will likely need to call a professional to get you back to normal. The team at Water Extraction Experts are seasoned in helping their clients get their homes and businesses back into shape from water damage. They’ll be able to dry, restore, and sanitize the affected area, so you can get back to enjoying your space comfortably.