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Swamp Coolers Start Up / Leak Issues

Swamp Cooler Spring Start-Ups / Leak Issues

Maintaining your swamp cooler is important. You must properly winterize it in the Fall, so your Spring start-up is a breeze, and your cooler efficiently runs throughout the summer months. Making sure your cooler is properly started up will prevent unnecessary leaks from occurring.


Swamp Cooler Start Up


Swamp cooler start-ups usually take place once the weather is consistently warmer. If you take proper care and do everything right, you will decrease your chances of having a leak in the summer and your cooler will function smoothly throughout the summer.


Make sure to check the overflow is in place and is tightly secure. The overflow will help your cooler from unnecessary leaks.


While your cooler is filling up, check the float, pump, and water supply connection for leaks.


Damages to Look for When Your Swamp Cooler Leaks


  1. Notice water pooling around the swamp cooler or on the roof. Water can find its way into the smallest cracks into the interior of the home


  1. If you notice dark spots on walls or ceilings, it’s another red flag


  1. Ceiling Cracks – Cracks in the ceiling, even hairline cracks, can be indicative of a water damage. They can show up as a straight line or a spiderweb pattern.


  1. Peeling Paint – Water damage can cause your ceiling paint to peel, flakeor crack. You might also notice the trim and baseboards separating from the walls or 


  1. Water Stains – Ceiling water stains may be one of the most recognized warning signs of water damage. They often look dark and wet, yellowishor rusty. You might also see that some parts of the ceiling look like it is sweating.6.


  1. Sagging – Over time, even a tiny water leak can lead to a swollen, sagging, or bowed ceiling.


  1. Mold Growth – Water damage often presents as a mold problem in longer term leaking.


Preventative Maintenance


Even if you do everything right, some things out of your control are bound to go wrong. Wind can cause your cooler to fill with debris. You may have to perform preventative maintenance by draining and cleaning out the pan mid-summer. This will help prevent your pump from clogging and breaking.



If you find yourself in a situation where a leaking swamp cooler has caused damage to the interior of your home or business, give the professionals at Water Extraction Experts a call. Their certified technicians will provide high tech interior inspections for your home or business and get you back in order in no time!