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flooding due to storm

Water Damage Due To Storms

Storms can be severe in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. In the last few weeks, we’ve had hail the size of tennis balls, pouring rain, and tornados. Unfortunately, this type of weather is the reason many people have water damage to their home and property.

Hail Damage

Colorado and Wyoming can often have large hail that can break windows and cause damage to roofs. The storm we had a few weeks ago had so much hail that the storm drains clogged causing flooding to streets and homes.

Rainstorms and Flooding

If it is pouring rain for a period of time, we get phone calls about window wells filling up with water and basements flooding.  Flooded basements can present a serious risk to your home and your safety.  Stormwater can carry bacteria, cause mold and you can get electrocuted if you walk in standing water in your basement. If your basement has flooded, it’s very important to turn your electricity off prior to going into the basement.  We often see water damage to drywall, carpet, wood floors, cabinets, and property when we have a heavy rainstorm.  If you don’t take care of the flooding immediately, your home could also have damage done to the foundation. If you have a roof leak and a heavy rainstorm hits, you could have extensive water damage to ceilings and drywall.

River Floods and Water Damage

In Northern Colorado, we have had severe flooding due to rivers going over their banks. Whether it’s due to winter melt off or due to a severe rainstorm flooding can be severe and dangerous from a river. Like a rainstorm, water from a river can be high in bacteria and cause health risks if your house becomes flooded.

Water Extraction Experts can help with Water Damage due to storms

If your home and property have been damaged due to a storm, we can help you with clean-up and restoration.  Our expert technicians are certified and offer inspections. We also work closely with your insurance to help make sure they have all the documentation they need for your claim.

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