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Andy Griego Spotlight Picture

Water Extraction Experts Spotlight of the Month

Spotlight on: Andy Griego Project Manager


Andy has been at Water Extraction Experts for 6 years. He says, “Coming from retail and a large corporate structure was a major change for me. I feel that the time and attention to training and learning the unique aspects of this industry was most certainly embedded in me more so than the traditional corporate learning models. What’s unique about working here is though we’re a smaller team we are able to handle all that comes our way. Being part of a team like this creates strong bonds between members and we are able to hold one another to a higher standard.”


Water Extraction Experts’ exceptional customer service, teamwork and passion resonate deeply for Andy: “it’s why we are here; our customers are always top priority. Having a passion for what we do is very important, and it shows through our quality of work even in the busiest of times. My favorite part is being able to help people in crisis and being entrusted with their most prized possessions and home. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment when our customer’s lives are back to normal.”


Andy also enjoys spending time with his family, video games, relaxing and playing guitar. When asked what keeps him motivated in life he says: “My family. Everything I do, on the job or not, is out of my love for them.”


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