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Signs Of Roof Leak

What are signs of a roof leak?

“Rain seemed to come out of nowhere” was one comment from an Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta attendee. Fortunately Balloon Fiesta officials sprang into action, providing shelter for thousands of visitors. The red flag went up signaling the balloons would stay grounded on four out the eight sessions of this year’s 50th anniversary event. The torrential rain was a result from the recent hurricane in Florida affecting weather all the way into New Mexico. The weather outlook published by NOAA showed New Mexico as the only state to have excessive rain that could lead to flooding during October 2022. With such rapidly changing weather, home owners would be wise to keep on the lookout for signs of water damage, specifically roof leaks.

Roof leaks are a serious matter that calls for quick action. The difficult first step is to find the origin of the leak. Leaks have a sneaky way of entering your home at one part of your roof and trickling down to another area until the leak finally becomes visible on ceilings or walls. Leaks are relentless and can eventually find their way into the depths of the foundation of your home. Disaster Safety advises to be aware that roofing leaks can lead to hazardous consequences such as fire hazards, slip and fall hazards, compromised structural integrity, interior mold and mildew issues and higher utility bills. Below are common signs of water damaged roofs:

Interior                                                                                Exterior

Peeling wall paper                                                                                        Raised roofing nails

Water stains, cracked or bubbled paint on ceiling or walls                  Water stains/cracks on roof decking (chimneys, vents, pipes, valleys)

Warped or sagging ceiling                                                                          Discolored roofing deck, rafters, trusses

Water stains around the fireplace                                                            Misaligned/broken shingles or flashing

Peeling paint or rotting signs around skylights                                       Clogged gutters

Leaks, mold or moisture inside the attic                                                  Ice dam buildup


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