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Are Crawl Space Leaks Serious?

Are Crawl Space Leaks Serious?

Though any type of leak can be difficult to deal with, a leak found in the crawl space can be exceptionally serious. There is an immense amount of water flowing in and out of home plumbing every day. Water pipes bring water in and sewer lines take it away. A broken line can dump a vast amount of hazardous water into your crawl space before you even realize there is a problem stewing. Listed below are the most common causes of leaks in a crawl space:

Fresh Water in Crawl Space:

  • Drainage issue from heavy rain or snow, sometimes due to improper grading of the home.
  • Ground water seeping up into the crawl space.
  • Excess humidity in crawl space.
  • Leaky or broken pipes that route water into the house.
  • Clogged or misaligned rain gutters causing water to seep in to the crawl space.

Sewage in Crawl Space:

If you notice a bad smell coming from under the house the culprit is more than likely a broken sewer line. A broken sewage line from sinks or toilets is highly contaminated and considered a black water level 3 water damage issue. A sewage flooded crawl space is extremely dangerous to the health of your family. Below are the most common causes of sewage leaks in crawl spaces:

  • Corroded or cracked sewer outlet pipes.
  • Drain pipes that have frozen and/or burst.
  • Invasion of tree roots blocking pipes causing system overload.
  • Aging municipal sewer system.


Mold and moisture in the crawl space:

The moisture that accumulates in a crawl space may also enter another part of the building and contribute to mold growth there. Moisture can pass from a crawl space into a building through cracks in walls, floors and ceilings. Crawl spaces are notorious for mold growth and rotting issues within the structure of homes.  If you smell an odor similar to laundry left too long in the washer, you may have mold problems. It is alive and seeks out a habitat that is warm and 60% or higher in humidity. Mold feeds on organic matter such as wood, paper and organic materials in soils. Bugs will consume mold and therefore thrive in crawl spaces. This brings us to the next topic:

Why it is important to properly seal (encapsulate) your Crawl Space:

Crawl spaces should be designed specifically to avoid moisture and mold problems. That’s why it’s beneficial to encapsulate your crawl space. It will also help to prevent air from your crawl space to enter the living portions of your home, which makes the air healthier and prevent exposure to toxic conditions like sickening fumes from sewage.

We will do the dirty work!

Water damage in a crawl space is common. It’s advised to inspect the crawl space every few months, but who wants to go down there? Residential sewage is hazardous! You will need the help of Water Extraction Experts to clean, disinfect and restore your crawl space. Our services also include professional crawl space encapsulation. Our team of certified technicians use the most advanced technology in water damage mitigation and mold remediation to quickly get your home and your life back to normal again.

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