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The Negative Effects of Monsoons



New Mexico and other areas across the Southwest U.S. are affected by the North American Monsoon System (NAMS) every summer, and the “Monsoon Season” is designated as the period lasting from June 15th through September 30th. It is vital to be aware of monsoon season of those local areas. This information is taken from the Albuquerque Weather Forecast Office.

Heavy monsoon rain combined with the dry terrain areas of the Southwest can result in fast moving and rapidly rising water. These events are referred to as flash floods. Flash floods in New Mexico can occur in any month, but the threat increases in May and June, or during our severe weather season. A more dramatic increase occurs during Monsoon Season, especially in the months of July and August.

Flash floods can occur with little or no warning, move at very fast speeds and can reach a peak in a few minutes. They can roll rocks, tear out trees, sweep away cars and trucks, and destroy buildings and bridges. Rapidly rising water can reach heights of 30 feet or more. Flash flood-producing rains can also trigger catastrophic mudslides. You will not always have a warning that these deadly, sudden floods are coming. Most flood deaths are due to flash floods, and most fatalities occur in vehicles.

Actions you can take:

During the monsoon season (June 15 – September 30), be sure to monitor NOAA Weather Radio or your local media. The National Weather Service issues a FLASH FLOOD WATCH to alert the residents to the possibility of a flood emergency. During the watch, residents should:

  • Exercise caution
  • Listen for bulletins
  • Watch for signs of rising water
  • Be prepared to flee to higher ground on a moment’s notice
  • Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road. The depth of the water is not always obvious. The road bed may be washed out under the water, and you could be stranded or trapped.
  • Do not waste time trying to save personal property.
  • Act quickly! Your margin of safety may be counted in seconds


You survived the flood. Now what?

After experiencing such a devastating event, you and your family is the most important thing to concentrate on. Once you have established the health and welfare of your family you then assess the damage to your property. Make a list of all damage to your property, from the most severe to the smallest detail.

Reach out to a reputable company: Water Extraction Experts! They will be able to walk you through each step of the mitigation and repair process and effectively complete work on your property to its original condition so that you can move forward with your lives. The professionals at Water Extraction Experts can give you peace of mind knowing your family and your home are in good hands.


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