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Monsoon or Non-soon?

Monsoon Awareness

Monsoon or Non-soon? According to New Mexico Weather Service this year’s monsoon season is expected to be a gradual whimper thanks in large part to an El Niño climate pattern.   What is a monsoon? A monsoon is not a rainstorm; it’s a seasonal reversal of winds. In the desert Southwest, prevailing winds are from […] Read More >

Help! My Refrigerator is Leaking!

Leaky Fridge

Help! My Refrigerator is Leaking! We often receive phone calls from customers understandably in a panic when they’ve experienced water damage due to their refrigerator leaking. It’s important to get our water damage experts on the job fast. The longer property is exposed to water, the greater the damage. Things to Check Water lines: If […] Read More >

Water Extraction Experts thanks Toni-Lei Ponic of Couture Brokerage

Toni Presentation

Toni-Lei Ponic of Couture Brokerage Water Extraction Experts would like to thank Toni-Lei Ponic of Couture Brokerage for her referrals. Toni has been in real estate for the past 20 years, she says. “At Couture Brokerage, we understand that your home is your biggest investment. You can count on us, whether you are buying your […] Read More >

Country Living Expo 2023!

Carla Expo

Country Living Expo 2023! Now serving the Paa-Ko area! It was a great Saturday for the Greater East Mountain Chamber Country Lifestyles & Living Expo held at the Estancia Valley Classical Academy in Edgewood. The family friendly event was well attended by over 300 people from the East Mountains, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Placitas. There […] Read More >

Thank You for the referral Stephen Stover of Farmers Insurance

Steve Stover

Born and raised in New Mexico, I’m proud to serve Albuquerque, NM and the surrounding areas as your local Farmers Insurance® Agent. At The Stephen Stover Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and ensuring each client is educated on their specific coverage options. We love to help people understand their insurance. […] Read More >

Spotlight On: Matt Adlesperger


Spotlight On:  Matt Adlesperger Water Extraction Experts is a Family-owned business that began in Fort Collins Colorado, expanding to the Albuquerque area in 2015. Matt leads the team in the New Mexico area. He says, “We have grown to positively impact thousands of clients in our great community. One of the things I like best […] Read More >

Is Mold Harmful to Our Brain?

Mold And Brain

Is Mold Harmful to Our Brain? Much has been publicized about upper respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions that are caused by exposure to mold. The more deadly effects of mold have recently been brought to light with devastating reports that, while in the care of Seattle Children’s Hospital, at least 14 children developed Aspergillus infections: […] Read More >

6 Steps for Spring Swamp Cooler Startup

Swamp Cooler

6 Steps for Spring Swamp Cooler Startup With the weather in New Mexico already warming up, now is the time to prepare to use your swamp cooler again. While swamp coolers offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, to keep those costs low it’s important to maintain your swamp cooler to […] Read More >